Concrete Pump Hire for ICF’s

Concrete Pump Hire for ICF’s

ICF’s are insulated concrete forms for poured concrete walls mostly made out of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) reinforced with steel or plastic ties that stay in place as a permanent part of the wall assembly providing thermal and acoustic insulation which reduce the carbon emissions on the environment.

The Polystyrene form also acts as a backing for plasterboard on the interior, and a brick, timber or render on the exterior.

ICF’s have grown in popularity with both major contractors and DIY enthusiasts and are rapidly changing the way we build as everyone wants to reduce energy consumption.

Although there are many different types from pre-formed interlocking blocks to separate panels all offering different insulating values and backings for the interior and exterior finishes the method used in placing the concrete remain similar.

A concrete pump with a placing boom works best as the concrete is placed directly from the boom minimising the ICF form from movement and a good pump mix with 10mm aggregate is normally used and preferred so that we can reduce the end placing hose down to a 3 inch (75mm) diameter pipe to allow accurate concrete placing

The end hose should also be kept on the move spreading the concrete evenly up and down an built up in layers to minimise the risk of the formwork moving this is done far more easily with the smaller 3 inch placing hose

We regually supply pumps for this type of build throughout the South East of England but as not all pumps carry the 3 inch (75mm) placing hose it is best to state if you require the hose when booking the pump.