The Line Pump

The Line Pump

The Moli Pump / Line Pump this is an ideal machine where space is limited restricting the use of our boom pumps and where lower cubic metres outputs per hour are required.

This machine is ideal for the small builder, domestic, DIY Use where smaller quantities of concrete ideally 4 loads and under are needed to be placed and for use with volumetric on site mixes.

It’s a compact mobile 7.5 tonne machine and only 6 m in length it carries 30 linear metres of pipeline as standard (More pipes can be added if requested up to 60m please notify at the time of booking the distance in metres you require to reach so we can have the right equipment on the vehicle for your pour)

It’s an ideal unit to park out the front of a residential property and run the pipe down the side of a house to a rear extension, shed basses, summerhouses etc.

If longer distances and quicker outputs are required we do suggest using one of our boom pumps with a static pipeline.